The US Takes Over Bitcoin Crypto ATM Installations and BTC Hash Rate Globally

Mining is a widespread name in the crypto world. It describes a process that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin utilize to generate coins and validate new transactions on the blockchain. The process is accomplished by a massive number of decentralized and secured computers from around the globe. Once a transaction has gone through, and a block has been added, the computers are rewarded by the crypto they have added.

Typically, the United States has taken over as the highest Bitcoin hash rate contributor. The country knocked out China from the first position as it recorded 37.84% of the total mining power at the start of this year. The region has defied the odds, including the state and federal regulations hurdles that have haunted crypto businesses in the country.

The US stills play a crucial role in conserving Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. The United States has taken up the first position on hash rate contributions after China faced a permaban on crypto. Before the ban, China boasted over 50% of the total global hash rate until February 2021. The US now leads around 37% of the worldwide hash rate.

Statista has revealed that Chinese miners returned to mine around September 2021. However, at that point, miners from the US had already established themselves and were consistently increasing their hash rate month after month.

Additionally, the United States boasts more than 88% of the crypto ATM installations globally. Data analyzed by experts at Coin ATM Radar reveals that more than 90% of the recent crypto ATM installations were done in the US. The data also shows that the trend continued into July, with 641 crypto ATMs installed in the region out of 710 that were installed ten days into July.

The second position as far as crypto ATM installation is concerned is Canada. Spain follows it with around 210 crypto ATM installations. The chip shortage of chips worldwide coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the price of critical mining equipment- the GPU- rose drastically. Nonetheless, with prices dropping below MSRPs and a has rate that explains the drop, miners around the globe have found themselves a chance to obtain the mining equipment of their dreams.

In May, the price of GPU fell by more than 15%, meaning that secondary market sellers were obliged to reduce the costs of used mining equipment significantly.


The permaban can be viewed as the main reason that made the United States of America take up the first position regarding hash rate contributions. However, the United States has proven to be a powerhouse regarding crypto ATM installation. The region boats over 88% of the total crypto ATM installations worldwide. The trend is likely to continue as data from Statista has shown that the United States continued to dominate the numbers ten days into July, as the country boasted over 90% of the 710 Crypto ATMs that had been put during that period.

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