BTC Withdrawals Hit Record-Breaking Volume, and Total Reaches $668 Million: Traders Expect BTC Rally

The Bitcoin market is moving up, and by the looks of it, the bulls are back. On September 30, nearly 34,700 Bitcoin worth $668 million were withdrawn from exchanges. The recent movement of Bitcoin from exchanges is a sign that traders are confident in the future of the cryptocurrency. Traders may be bullish on BTC heading into the fourth quarter of 2022.

CryptoQuant reports that Bitcoin has been steadily losing exchange reserves in the last three days. The 60,000 BTC pulled out of exchanges within this period ranks as the highest amount of Bitcoin withdrawn in months and heralds a return of buyers who have been absent for many months. This is excellent news for traders who have a significant position on BTC, as it means more liquidity than ever before.

A rally in cryptocurrency values can be attributed to the massive movement of coins from crypto exchanges. Historically, enormous movement from crypto exchanges has led to the increased asset value. The last time large amounts of Bitcoin left the exchange, its price jumped by 22%. More than 60% of the bitcoin supply has been removed from the market, leading to prominent traders and investors speculating on a bullish rally. When the market is besieged with net positive BTC exchange outflows, it suggests that investors are becoming more comfortable with the prospect of holding their assets.

In the last few months, Bitcoin’s value stayed above $19,000, which is a critical threshold for the recovery of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin remains above this level and continues to rise, it will be able to reach $30,000+ in the future. If this happens, traders might look into the support at $18,210 again. However, if the current trend is maintained and investors continue to sell their Bitcoins, the value of BTC might fall back.

In the past, the current wave was considered the last stage of the Bitcoin bear market, where traders dumped their BTC in massive quantities. However, there have been signs that the industry may be ready to recover. Inflow, SOAB, has shown that between April 2021 and April 2022, investors purchased Bitcoin at prices above $30,000 and then sold it at a loss of nearly 50%. This indicates that the bottom of the cycle is close, and Bitcoin is ready to rebound.

Most analysts believe that the recent Bitcoin pullback is due to a large number of coins being moved, which could have been done just to rebalance ledgers. Some people also presume that bitcoin is in a bubble, and there are no two ways. However, it’s a bubble that will not burst anytime soon.

Typically, one of the most exciting things about the cryptocurrency markets is that they are incredibly volatile. The price of a cryptocurrency can change drastically within a few hours, even minutes. That is why keeping an eye on crucial indicators and warnings when trading cryptocurrencies is essential.
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