The Meaning of Market Correction

The Meaning of Market Correction and Its Occurrence In 2022

Market correction is defined as a brief drop in the performance of the market. When compared to a market crash, it is less severe. Market corrections frequently occur in the crypto world because of the market’s extreme volatility. Six months into 2022, the crypto market recorded four corrections and two severe crash. As an investor, you must understand market corrections, their forces, and their history.

Today, we discuss crucial terms you should know as a newbie or a current crypto investor.

Market Correction

As discussed earlier, a market correction is a temporary decrease in the performance of a market. It is usually about 10%-20% from the prior market performance peak. Typically, they are trailed by an upward drive in the chart. It is vital to note that dips and reversals are not similar to corrections. Still, a market correction is less severe when compared to market crashes.

Market Crash

It is a market event that causes a drastic drop of over 20%. They can occur in a day, a couple of weeks, and sometimes even for months. A market might sometimes fail to recover from a collision causing the market to decline for months or years. When this happens, it is categorized as a bear market.

The most recent example of a market crash occurred since end of May. The highly severe impact began around mid-May. It was not until towards the end of June that the crypto (BTC & Ethereum) market is starting to look up.

The Dip

A market dip is a highly brief decline in a market’s performance, usually less than 10%. A market dip is not as severe as a market correction. However, it is essential to note that cumulative market dips might result in a market correction.


The main difference between a market correction and a reversal is that a market reversal is a long-term trend. It occurs when a market shifts the trajectory of its long-term path. Since its conception in 2009, experts have not recorded any market reversal in the cryptocurrency market.

What are the Reasons behind Cryptocurrency Market Corrections?

It is challenging to pinpoint the most obvious reasons behind market correction because they are not as severe as market crashes and have a very short lifespan.

However, several factors can cause a market correction. It is important to note that some of these factors have minute prominence.

  • Buyers rushing into supply problems; this is more prominent in crypto markets compared to the traditional stock market.
  • News amplifying selling sentiments; examples include cybercriminals attacks and changes in particular government or blockchain platform regulations.
  • Analysts’ opinion describing the market as “overheated” causes a sturdier sell sentiment. In some cases, such opinions might lead to market crashes.
  • The last cause is a combination of other causes that exist inside and outside the crypto world.

It is important to note that the short-term nature of market correction makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint their exact causes. Furthermore, crypto market corrections are challenging to predict because of this very reason.

In summary, market corrections are challenging to monitor; this is because there are short-lived and have less impact compared to market crashes.

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