A Cryptocurrency Exchange Firm Suspends All Customer Withdrawals

A Cryptocurrency Exchange Firm Suspends All Customer Withdrawals

The ongoing crypto disaster has significantly impacted several crypto exchange companies and other projects. One affected firm has been forced to suspend all customer withdrawals from its platform due to the ongoing crypto market crisis. At the time of publishing this article, the crypto market net cap is around $942.3 million (£795 million), where Bitcoin is the obvious dominator.

The Latest Victim of the “Crypto Winter”

Several cryptocurrency exchange firms have been hit hard by the ongoing crypto disaster. The latest company to suffer the same fate is CoinFlex. The company released an announcement that it had suspended all customer withdrawals indefinitely.

The announcement, made through a blog, stated that the ongoing crypto disaster that seemed to be mutating into a crypto winter was the main reason the company chose to suspend all customer withdrawals. The firm explained that the current atmosphere was not conducive and has prevented them from running smoothly.

Thus, they had to take the necessary actions to shut down withdrawals temporarily. In addition, a permanent uncertainty on a particular counterparty also convinced them to prevent withdrawal transactions from being made.

In the article, CoinFlex continued by saying that the withdrawals would be enabled as soon as the company finds the environment more conducive. They went further to apologise for any inconveniences caused and pledged to give regular constant updates to their customers on matters about customer withdrawals.

Furthermore, the firm said it was also going to suspend the trading of the FLEX coin. It is important to note that the firm sternly denied that the counterparty was not 3AC or, in fact, any other lending company. The firm concluded that they expected customer withdrawals to resume at the end of June.

What are The Effects?

The ongoing crypto disaster has been complex for crypto exchange companies. Several companies have announced that they will be firing some employees to cut costs and remain afloat. However, some crypto exchange companies are still hopeful that the current situation will pass. One such exchange firm is FTX, which Sam Bankman owns. FTX recently announced that the firm would continue with its hiring endeavours.

Investors have also been hit. Many people who invested their money in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherium (ETH), among others, have also incurred significant losses. These losses have made many of them abandon the market. The resultant effect of these fleeing is a drastic drop in the crypto market’s value.


At the moment, it is impossible to predict the precise moment when the crypto market will revive itself. However, according to experts, the crypto market has vast potential, and over the years, it has made monumental comebacks. Hence, it is not a matter of if; but when.

However, it is essential to remember that several factors influence the expected comeback. Some of these factors are entirely new to us; therefore, all we can do at that moment is to speculate and wait for the epic comeback.

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