Ethereum’s Future Is Bright

Kurt Cobain-the celebrated musician, once said that the youth’s role in today’s society is to stand against corruption. In today’s growing blockchain and crypto market, some individuals are convinced that corruption is also growing. However, they are some who are working to fight this impunity. Corruption is said to be carried out under the same technology meant to eradicate the vice.

The number of influencers is unlimited in the crypto world, most of whom try to gain attention online. However, some influencers, such as Vitalik Buterin, have diverse goals.

Crypto’s Dystopian Possibilities

Vitalik Buterin – Ethereum’s founder expressed his worries about the ever-growing ETH high transaction fees. In the same interview with Times Magazine, the 28-year-old also lamented the shameless wealth displays dominating the crypto story.

Buterin continued to say that, unlike many individuals who thought that cryptocurrencies were quick money sources, he had other ideas about its future. Further, the young Ethereum founder added that even though Ethereum was the NFT’s first home, the true potential of NFT is not in blockchain technology. He said, “The peril is you have these $3 million monkeys. The goal of crypto is not to play games with million-dollar pictures of monkeys; it is to do things that accomplish meaningful effects in the real world.”

Buterin made significant references to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, boasting star names like Jimmy Falcon and Paris Hilton. In his personal view, blockchain technology was not meant for minting money. Buterin is worried that the aim of greedy individuals whose only objective is personal gain may overpower his vision of creating a decentralized and democratic digital economy.

In the Times Magazine interview, Buterin said that Ethereum was looking forward to making more socio-political variations. Buterin expects Ethereum to be the first of its kind for socio-political experimentations. These experiments include activities such as:

  • Public work projects.
  • Fairer voting systems.
  • Worldwide basic income.
  • Urban planning.

Buterin also hopes that Ethereum will rise to overcome the controlling governments. He also believes that the platform will overturn Silicon Valley’s monopoly over people’s digital lives.

However, the primary concern is that Ethereum is decentralized, and Buterin has no control over it. Therefore, he has been forced to assume a prominent public role in dictating the blockchain’s future to make the much-needed difference. Buterin told Times Magazine that good things are made immediately due to people not exercising their voices. He added that, ‘these things are not always what the world needs.”

It is also important to note that Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-born Canadian citizen, condemned Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. He tweeted that the invasion was s not only a crime against citizens of Ukraine but also a crime against Russian citizens.

Buterin’s new role as a change-driven cryptocurrency leader could be the trick to inducing change into the crypto world. However, it remains to be seen where the young Ethereum founder’s voice would ignite a wave of transformation in the $2 trillion landscape.

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