Nigel Farage Believes Bitcoin is The Best Anti-Lockdown Asset

Nigel Farage Believes Bitcoin is The Best Anti-Lockdown Asset

Nigel Farage, a UK-based broadcaster and leader of  the UK Independence Party from 2006 to around 2009, has recently announced that he has gone “full crypto.” It does not come as a surprise as experts and journalists had foretold that Nigel would one day make this move. Farage, who led the Brexit Party from 2019 to 2021, discussed with an editor from Southbank investment research, Sam Volkering. In this conversation, Nigel Farage discussed all things crypto, giving some in-depth understating of crypto.

In the interview, Nigel told Sam Volkering that the British government’s “fake money” is being printed in the United Kingdom at an insane pace. According to Farage, this is a move to help the government keep up with the economic crisis that has struck the globe due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In the interview, Farage, who helped lead the Brexit campaign, said that the conversation about cryptocurrencies was all over the nation, from the richest to the poorest. Nigel thinks that the main reason crypto is famous is that citizens are afraid of what might happen to their money investments since governments are debasing currencies.

In addition, the interview also featured an in-depth discussion between the two about the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. They gave answers to several questions about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Some of the questions they answered included where the money one invests in crypto goes.

Nigel admitted that he had been a bit lazy in learning how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work and that he was no crypto expert. He added that he resorted to self-education with a book written by Sam Volkering. Nigel continued the interview by saying that individuals had already made a lot of money/profits and losses in the crypto business. According to him, as far as our future is concerned, cryptocurrency is a fundamental topic.

More, he said that because Fiat currency is crumbling globally, including in the United States of America, the public needs to understand what cryptocurrency is. The ways it can be used as a payment method in day-to-day transactions.

Notably, Nigel Farage referred to Bitcoin as the best possible “anti-lockdown assets.”

Nigel Farage launched his Reform UK party recently in the country. Among other objectives, Nigel launched the party to compete with major political parties in the country, including the Conservatives and Labour.

The video interview on Friday also revealed that Nigel Farage was writing a book called “Crypto Revolution.”

Nigel Farage did not clarify if he owned Bitcoins himself. However, there have been rumours that this move of pivoting towards Bitcoin is because of the poor Bitcoin performance. Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin’s performance has fallen due to its enduring attributes. For example, unlike other national fiat currencies with infinite supplies, Bitcoin’s supply is absolute. Nonetheless, Bitcoin performed better than any other asset, including gold. Because of this attribute, Bitcoin is the best asset to preserve value.

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